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Norco Threshold A3 - 2015

See for yourself just how fun and versatile cyclocross bikes are aboard Norco's Threshold A3. Built to conquer a variety of terrain, the A3 sports a sturdy, double-butted aluminum frame with fast-rolling 700c aluminum wheels. Explore gravel paths and rough roads with the all-conditions performance… [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Norco Threshold A2 - 2015

Mixed terrain? No problem. Norco's Threshold A2 tackles rough pavement, gravel, and dirt with ease. Built to boldly go where no road bike would dare, it sports a sturdy, double-butted aluminum frame, stout carbon fork, and sure-stopping mechanical-disc brakes. Supple Continental tires give you the… [more]

Norco Threshold A1 - 2015

Perfect for barreling into sandpits and powering through soggy fields, Norco's Threshold A1 can handle everything the toughest cycloross courses can dish out. The Threshold rocks a sturdy, double-butted aluminum frame, tapered carbon fork, and Hayes' all-conditions CX Comp disc brakes. Trust… [more]

Norco Threshold Carbon 105 - 2015

Norco's Threshold Carbon 105 is an excellent ally when pushing yourself to your physical limits. Its feathery mid-modulus carbon frame and fork are freakishly strong and nimble for quick acceleration, outstanding cornering and easy shouldering. It's built for action with light Alex wheels wrapped… [more]

Norco Threshold SL Ultegra - 2015

Norco's Threshold SL Ultegra is built to dominate the cyclocross circuit with an incredibly strong, light and fast high-modulus carbon frame and fork. This carbon combo tackles nasty run-ups, off-camber corners and straightaways where you need to lay down the power. The Threshold is built for… [more]

Ritchey BreakAway Pro Cross Frameset - 2013

With Ritchey's BreakAway Pro Cross Frameset, your travel bike is the bike you choose at home. Compromising your riding during travel is a thing of the past thanks to this smooth chromoly frame paired with a carbon fork. How can such a fantastic bike also be a traveler? It's made possible by… [more]

6 Results

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