1. Have something to keep you distracted, put some music on over top of footage of an old race on Youtube or even just tune in to Netflix.

2. Have something to keep you focused, use your Garmin to track, power, speed, heart rate or something to give yourself a goal to work on throughout the ride.

3. Break a one-hour ride down into 15 minutes of warmup, 30 minutes of tempo or intervals and 15 cool down.

4. Try Zwift, Virtual Reality group rides and races is another way to make some fun out of it and give you a good challenge.

5. Get a big fan, you won’t believe how hot you get riding inside with no wind to cool you down.

6. Reward yourself, set aside a cookie or a small pile of candies, every few minutes you get a bite.

7. Get into a routine, if you can, try and ride at the same time or the same days every week, it will help keep you honest.

8. If you’re getting bored or sore, don’t be afraid to step off for a minute, walk a lap around the living room or stretch for a minute then hop back on… riding inside is a convenience, enjoy it!

Pro rider on the H&R Block Cycling Team

Conor O’Brien is a new addition to the H&R Block Pro Cycling Team for the 2017 season. Like many other Canadian kids, Conor’s life in sport started out at a young age, dreaming of being an NHL player. Short on talent and size, Conor found his true passion and calling in cycling, years later. Since the age of 16, he’s wanted to be a professional cyclist. He began the sport with a focus on mountain biking and cyclocross, eventually competing in multiple cyclocross world championships. In 2014, he decided to make the switch to the road and has competed as an amateur in many international events over the years. Conor has raced his bike in Europe, Asia and Africa and has aspirations of checking off each continent one day. Since 2014, Conor has been spending the winters in Tucson under the warm sun to prepare for the season ahead. Conor has also graduated from the University of Ottawa’s, Telfer School of Management with a Commerce degree with a concentration in Finance. In his time away from the bike, Conor still loves playing and watching hockey.

Photo Credit: Stirl and Rae The photo shows Jure Rupnik warming up before the Team Time Trial at the 2015 Tour of Alberta. A trainer is a vital tool for the H&R Block Pro Cycling Team riders in order to be able to warm-up in a controlled environment before individual or team time trials where the body needs to be ready to ride 100% right from the start.