Bike fit - bicycle fitting from John Henry Bikes

Bike Fitting is not so different to the tailoring of a fine suit – Everyone’s body is inherently different and unique, and thus everyone’s fit and position is different and unique. Understanding a rider's body position on the bicycle is a balance of science, art, and experience. The bike fitting process is designed to maximize comfort and performance on the bike.

Our central goal is to fit the bike to the body.

Because cycling is a sport of constant repetition – in which one can displace 30,000 pedal strokes in a single ride – proper position and alignment has a massive effect and impact on one’s body.



We at Norco John Henry Bikes believe that all bikes should be comfortable and fun to ride, no matter what kind of riding you are doing. Because of this, all bikes purchased at Norco John Henry bikes come with a free saddle height and bar position adjustment, to ensure you're prepared for your next adventure the moment you walk out of the shop!



Time: 1:30 Hrs.

Perfect for any recreational cyclist. We will first evaluate the rider's history and any known pain points on the bike/body.

The fit will address:
  • Saddle fit, height & fore/aft
  • Cockpit length
  • Bar drop, width & rotation
  • Brake & shifter placement



Time: 2:00 Hrs.

Our Full Bike Fit is all-inclusive and will cover everything from cleat position to aerodynamics.

The fit will address:
  • Everything in our Recreational Bike Fit, PLUS:
  • Cleat position & fit
  • Body position & cockpit length
  • Aerodynamics



Time: 30 Mins.

Foot placement on the pedal has a massive impact on one's comfort and power while biking.