shawn racz

Shawn Racz

Age:40 something

Country (Place) of Origin:Cambridge, Ontario – the epicentre of hockey in the world, even the local mall has a hockey rink inside.

Nickname:Lots but none are family friendly.

Current Bikes(s):Norco Search S1, Subrosa BMX’s, State Cycle fixie, Skull Skates cruiser

Former Occupation:Many years as a senior property manager.

Favourite Trail/ place to ride:Dirt Merchant and Gleneagles bowl for BMX.

Favourite Bike (Norco):Skull Skates cruiser in collaboration with Norco.

Other Hobbies Likes:Skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and playing outside.

Describe Yourself (3 points):Grew up riding street and racing BMX in Ontario (shout out to Track 2000) and moved to BC after university. Been in this beautiful province 17 years and haven’t looked back since. Try to spend as much time as possible riding any kind of bike or board. Left the property management industry to be involved with the bike industry and love it!!

tristan 0'callaghan

Tristan O’ Callaghan


Country (Place) of Origin:Cork, Ireland

Nickname:‘Trizzle’, ‘String bean’

Current Bikes(s):Norco Super Optic C9.3, Norco Two50, Norco City Glide, Masi Evoluzione Dura Ace

Former Occupation:10 years as a consulting Civil Engineer

Favourite Trail/ place to ride:John Deere, Brothers Creek, Squidline, WBP & Mount Seven

Favourite Bike (Norco):Currently my Norco Super Optic, 2016 Norco Range C7.2

Other Hobbies Likes:Martial Arts, Wing Chun, Brazilian Jujitsu, swimming, rock climbing, physics

Describe Yourself (3 points):Irish ex-pat moved to Canada 6 years ago. I spent the first 3 years as a mountain bike guide in Whistler during the summer and Queenstown, New Zealand in the winter for both Bear Back Biking and Vertigo Bikes. I have travelled all around the world with my bike and love cycling, left a 10 year career in Civil Engineering to start a career in the bike industry. Loves the outdoors in any conditions!

adam beech

Adam Beech

Age: 40

Country (Place) of Origin: Crewe, Chesire, UK

Nickname: A Dawg

Current Bikes(s): Norco search carbon, Norco sight 7.1 carbon, Norco optic 7.2 29" carbon, orange missile

Former Occupation: Car mechanic and m.o.t tester, Carpet fitter/Flooring tech

Favourite Trail/ place to ride: corkscrew, pingu, severed d, boogieman, john deer, executioner

Favourite Bike (Norco): Range 7.2 Carbon

Other Hobbies Likes: Snowboarding, RC cars, Skateboarding

Describe Yourself: I moved to BC 4 years ago from the UK to peruse my love of riding and fixing bikes.


brian brittain

Brian Brittain


Country (Place) of Origin:Canada

Nickname:Too many to list

Current Bikes(s):Range C7.2 full coil build, Threshold Ultegra

Favourite Trail/ place to ride:Tough choice on favorite place. So, favorite places are Whistler, Squamish, Bellingham, Cumberland, North Vancouver, Kelowna, Kamloops, Moab, and every other place there are trails.

Why be an Ambassador for Norco John Henry?:I’ve been involved with the Norco brand since 1998 when I was racing both XC and DH. I’ve also been working with John Henry on and off since 2003. Back at John Henry now as an ambassador for 3 year has been great, the bikes are amazing, staff are very personable and easy to work with and being able to tell people about the bikes and the shop has been very rewarding. I look forward more adventures with the other ambassadors and introducing more people to the Norco brand.

Personal Motto:Never grow up and continue to be a kid at heart. Playing in the mud is as fun now as it was when I was a kid.

brian brittain

tim coleman

Tim Coleman


Country (Place) of Origin:South Africa


Current Bikes(s):Norco Range and Norco Threshold

Favourite Trail/ place to ride:Whistler

Why be an Ambassador for Norco John Henry?:Because Norco has some of the best bikes around, and the folks at Norco John Henry are fantastic.

Personal Motto:When in doubt, air it out.

tim coleman