Lazer Sport Revolution Helmet

Lazer Sport Revolution Helmet
  • Color: Matte Red
  • Color: Matte Red
  • Goggles sold separately
  • Goggles sold separately
  • Color: Matte Red
  • Color: Matte Red
  • Color: Matte Red
  • Color: Matte Red
  • Color: Matte Red
  • Color: Matte Red
  • Color: Matte Red
  • Color: Camo/Matte Black
  • Color: Matte Mint Green
  • Color: Matte Blk Camo/Flash Green
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Color: Matte Blue
  • Color: Matte White
  • Color: Matte Orange Camo/Black
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The Revolution helmet is designed with Enduro in mind. The helmet is designed to provide maximum coverage, while being lightweight with a cooling efficiency that can't be beat. It features an adjustable visor that allows for easy goggle parking on the helmet, the Lazer ATS retention system for a secure and comfortable fit, as well as interchangeable ear pads. The Revolution helmet can also quickly be turned into a full-face helmet by adding the chin guard. Furthermore it features the SMS (safety mounting system) for cameras and accessories. This system has been fully-crash tested with a camera installed, and passes all tests. To cap if off, the helmet has unique looks that are certain to draw attention on the trails.

The ATS is a new interpretation of the classic Turnfit system. We have combined the traditional Turnfit dial system with the Rollsys head basket to create an even more effective retention system. A dial at the back of the helmet now controls a basket that grips a large part of back of the head. A quick turn of the ATS dial makes sure the basket grips the back of the head for a snug, yet comfortable fit that keeps the helmet firmly in place.

The multimount acts like a handlebar, so you can mount everything you would usually mount on the handlebars directly onto the helmet. Use it to install lights or anything else you can think of. Install one of the two available sizes of Multimount on the multicap and install any accessory you want straight on your helmet.

The adjustable head basket allows the back part of the rollsys system (that grips the back of the head) to move up and down depending on the riders preference. This way the Rollsys system can be adjusted even more to individual rider needs and can create even more comfort.

When the temperature gets too hot you can remove the earpads to provide additional cooling. Pull them out when needed and snap them back in when the weather changes.

Linking the vents to keep the air flowing.

Every helmet is designed with ventilation in mind. This has led to designing helmets with a strategic approach to vent location. Each intake vent has an outlet that is matched with it. Both vents work together to create a constant airflow in the helmet to keep your head cool during intense riding.

Internal ventilation channels for optimum airflow.

Channeled ventilation means the inside of the helmet is designed to have air flowing over your head at all times. This is accomplished by having channels cut out of the EPS allowing air to move freely, even if the helmet is tight on your head. These channels guide the air from the intake vents, over the head towards the outlet vents at the back of the helmet.

Adjust your visor to your needs based on the situation you are in. Move it up or down to adjust it to your preference.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Camo/Matte Black / Small 05420078817228 BLU2167881721
Camo/Matte Black / Medium 05420078817235 BLU2167881722
Camo/Matte Black / Large 05420078817242 BLU2167881723
Matte Black / Small 05420078810311 BLU2167881031 28031
Matte Black / Medium 05420078810328 BLU2167881032 28032
Matte Black / Large 05420078810335 BLU2167881033 28033
Matte Blk Camo/Flash Green / Small 05420078825162 BLU2177882516
Matte Blk Camo/Flash Green / Medium 05420078825179 BLU2177882517
Matte Blk Camo/Flash Green / Large 05420078825186 BLU2177882518
Matte Blue / Small 05420078814630 BLU2167881462
Matte Blue / Medium 05420078814647 BLU2167881463
Matte Blue / Large 05420078814654 BLU2167881464
Matte Mint Green / Small 05420078814609 BLU2167881459
Matte Mint Green / Medium 05420078814616 BLU2167881460
Matte Mint Green / Large 05420078814623 BLU2167881461
Matte Orange Camo/Black / Small 05420078827425 BLU2177882742
Matte Orange Camo/Black / Medium 05420078827432 BLU2177882743
Matte Orange Camo/Black / Large 05420078827449 BLU2177882744
Matte Red / Small 05420078814579 BLU2167881456
Matte Red / Medium 05420078814586 BLU2167881457
Matte Red / Large 05420078814593 BLU2167881458
Matte White / Small 05420078817310 BLU2167881730
Matte White / Medium 05420078817327 BLU2167881731
Matte White / Large 05420078817334 BLU2167881732