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Oakley RadarLock Path w/Photochromic Lens

Oakley RadarLock Path w/Photochromic Lens
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Continuing their tradition of working with the world’s top cyclists to develop some of the best performance eyewear on the planet, Oakley created the RadarLock. Oakley’s lightweight, durable O Matter frames deliver uninhibited vision and refreshing airflow. And, since light conditions vary by day, you can change lenses quicker than ever thanks to the innovative Switchlock technology. Plutonite lenses with High Definition Optics offer distortion-free viewing while filtering 100% of all UV rays and meeting the highest impact standards. Plus, Oakley’s Unobtainium ear and nose pieces increase grip when wet, so your glasses stay exactly where you want them, even on the hardest efforts.

When a photochromic lens is exposed to UV light, trillions of light-sensitive molecules in the lens begin to change structure. This reaction is what causes the lens to darken. Photochromic lenses help increase visual contrast, and because light conditions often change during a ride, these lenses improve depth perception so you see everything in your path.

This high-density foam case protects your RadarLock sunglasses plus an extra lens (extra lenses sold separately).


RadarLock - Interchangeability is a Game Changer